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Comics - Bunny and Caylie - Sep 30 2012 09:18 pm

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The Management Says:
SIDEPROJECT, Sep 30 2012 09:34 pm ( Reply )

Been drawing for my portfolio so I havnt been drawing anything "anime" haha so this was a practice before I start a page<3 A lineart drawn in pen, made it so if I ever wanted to color it I could

oh and heyyyy guys I know we're all busy but I was just wondering how many of you guys are actually active/want to continue?

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User Comments:
Inxerene, Sep 30 2012 10:04 pm ( Reply )

I can continue but I got another comic to update too so it might be a little while.

Also, cuuuuuute~

SIDEPROJECT, Sep 30 2012 10:11 pm ( Reply )

@Inxerene: oh okay thats fine! ; v ;
asdfghjkl thank you<3

Kiwifie, Sep 30 2012 10:19 pm ( Reply )

Aww so cute! <3

I definitely want to continue, but classes are seriously killing my free time. ;;

Would it be okay for me to upload sketch pages? My sketches tend to be the same amount of detail as they are inked, but take me a lot less time so at the moment I think that's the only way I'll be able to finish anything. Q___Q

SIDEPROJECT, Sep 30 2012 10:28 pm ( Reply )

@Kiwifie: aww thank you!<3
oh gosh I know what you mean Q A Q
Thats totally fine, whichever is easier for you! Im looking forward to your updates<3<3<3<3

maximumwilliams, Oct 01 2012 01:51 am ( Reply )

im gonna be away at a camp thingy for school for 4 days with no internet TT^TT and i was planning on drawing another comic page so that thought is gonna be delayed

Troll (Guest), Oct 01 2012 04:07 am ( Reply )

Cuteness orgasm!!

My eyes are fixed somewhere >w<

Namysys, Oct 01 2012 12:29 pm ( Reply )

I'm definitely planning to continue being active in this yes yes x3

I just need to make some time for an actual comic page ahh //busybusy

SIDEPROJECT, Oct 01 2012 02:53 pm ( Reply )

@maximumwilliams: update whenever you have time I hope you have fun on your camp trip ; v ;/
@Troll: I wonder wherrreee~ e v e <3
@Namysys: oh gosh great! so far we have 5members saying they still wish to still continue ; U ; thats fine update whenever your free <3

MadameSusu, Oct 01 2012 03:47 pm ( Reply )

I still want to continue! <3 Very cute by the way~

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