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Comics - Robyn Intro 1/2 - Sep 17 2012 04:08 pm

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The Management Says:
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User Comments:
SIDEPROJECT, Sep 17 2012 04:56 pm ( Reply )

Robyn is so cute with her easy going attitude~ but omigod i love her intro haha

Almightyra, Sep 17 2012 08:17 pm ( Reply )

read? paperwork? what are these thing

yurifan (Guest), Sep 17 2012 08:42 pm ( Reply )

@Taiki: Taiki?! Wow, I really love your Taiki webcomic and I did not know you making collab comic.

Namysys, Sep 18 2012 06:12 am ( Reply )

Hahaha oh gosh, she's so adorable x3

Oh man, I really really like that you only coloured in the blue colours, it looks so cool *o*

Taiki, Sep 22 2012 03:16 pm ( Reply )

@SIDEPROJECT: Thank you! C8

@Almightyra: Right? hahaha

@yurifan: Hey! Thanks! Yeah this is the first time I've been part of a collab comic. I didn't announce it anywhere so good job at finding it! xD

@Namysys: Thank you!! I've been experimenting in ways to make comic pages more interesting to look at that don't involve full out coloring them so I'm glad you like it.

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