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Comics - Cannonball - Aug 18 2012 11:57 pm

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The Management Says:
MadameSusu, Aug 19 2012 12:02 am ( Reply )

Heyyy guys I just started school two weeks ago, I think I've finally adjusted sleep wise (that first week, I fell asleep as soon as I hit the couch after coming home every. single. day. that week.) So here, an update! I wanted to update yesterday after updating my own comic (that one comes first!) but guess what, I fell asleep....better late than never! I like how Mallory came out a lot.

Anybody else start school yet? Or are other things keeping you busy?

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User Comments:
Almightyra, Aug 19 2012 02:38 am ( Reply )

dat wing *bites lip

rmo33, Aug 19 2012 08:18 am ( Reply )

And everyone knows what the person in the pool is thinking.

SIDEPROJECT, Aug 19 2012 07:49 pm ( Reply )

I've been so busy lately and the fact that school started, I so understand the slow updates on this collab so don't worry c:
beautiful page<3 and poor mallory! x)

Namysys, Aug 21 2012 12:18 pm ( Reply )

oh gosh, your pages look adorable! I really really like all the pretty pastels that you use ;U; <3

I just got back home from a 5 day trip to Serbia for a friend's birthday, but I'll try to draw a page now that I'm back. Luckily college doesn't start until October for me, so I should have plenty of time. UuU

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