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Comics - Miko - Jul 05 2012 08:39 pm

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The Management Says:
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User Comments:
Inxerene, Jul 05 2012 08:48 pm ( Reply )

@SilverHyena: AAAAAAAA SILVER~ *rubs* I applied for this comic too about an hour ago before seeing your name. ;A; Why have you not accepted my contact on Skype yet?

SilverHyena, Jul 05 2012 09:14 pm ( Reply )

@Inxerene: INX! Yo! As for the Skype thing... I'm so sorry. I never logged on after that. I'm so beyond horrible at getting on chat things. What was your username again? (I couldn't find anything asking me to accept you so I'm assuming I left it too long... That, or I'm just a total idiot when it comes to skype. That's possible too.) I'll make it a priority this time!

Inxerene, Jul 05 2012 09:16 pm ( Reply )

@SilverHyena: tigarachan

Now get your cute little ass on Skype and let me glomp the hell out of you. Also, sexy girl.

SIDEPROJECT, Jul 05 2012 09:28 pm ( Reply )

we're looking forward to working with you too c: oh jees I love her ;//A//; she's so sexy~

LOL @Currygah's comment i did the same thing bro

Currygah, Jul 05 2012 11:09 pm ( Reply )

I know it's not nice to stare, but... BOOBIES!

SilverHyena, Jul 05 2012 11:27 pm ( Reply )

@SIDEPROJECT: Haha, that's what I was going for. There was too many sweet, innocent looking characters so I went the sexy route. Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

@Currygah (and SIDEPROJECT): Lols. I'm not surprised. Her outfit doesn't leave that much to the imagination. :P

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