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Comics - Fayline - Jul 05 2012 07:46 pm

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The Management Says:
MadameSusu, Jul 05 2012 07:49 pm ( Reply )

Name: Fayline, sometimes goes by Fay
Animal Type: Swan
Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
Bra Size: 30, 32C?
Position: Seke (mostly uke)
Likes: Flying, singing, swimming (more like floating and relaxing <3), reading, animals (not just hybrids), cuddling, open-backed/zip-up shirts (for the wings, makes things easier), dresses/skirts, though she doesn't wear them often.
Dislikes: Going long periods of time without flying, her height, scary/overly sad books, unfaithful people, when people catch her singing.
Personality: She's easily startled and a little shy, but not as much as she might look. A bit soft-spoken, she probably won't start a conversation, but she'll talk with someone if they speak to her first. She's very loyal and protective of her friends and if someone's mean or cross with them she won't react with violence, but she'll yell at them (without really raising her voice…more like she'll rant at them.) You know you've become good friends with her when she lets you hear her sing.
Extra: She's very sensitive about her height and wishes she was shorter. If you're taller than her/close to her height, or wear shoes that make you taller, it makes her happy.

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User Comments:
SIDEPROJECT, Jul 05 2012 07:53 pm ( Reply )

her wings are so beautiful, like her ;//v//; she looks like an angel uvu

MadameSusu, Jul 05 2012 08:38 pm ( Reply )

@SIDEPROJECT: Aww <3 Thank you!

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