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Comics - caylie colored - Jul 05 2012 12:41 am

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The Management Says:
SIDEPROJECT, Jul 05 2012 12:54 am ( Reply )

I didn't want anyone to be confused about caylie's color pallet so i decided to do a sketch just to show her colors ; v ; but you don't have to get too detailed on the specifics its okay im totally fine with it~ ALSO i totally forgot to write "position" on the skeleton thing lolol so please update your characters profile with either uke, seme or seke sorryimanidiot;;; oh uh i think it would be helpful if you put your characters bra size too..? but...you don't have to ://D it'll just be kinda helpful you know? No? okay..<3<3

Advertisement, May 26 2018 12:52 am ( Reply )

User Comments:
MadameSusu, Jul 05 2012 01:26 am ( Reply )

Oh my gosh this group looks adorable ;//v//; and so does this girl <3 Red panda!

Currygah, Jul 05 2012 02:18 am ( Reply )


SIDEPROJECT, Jul 05 2012 06:40 pm ( Reply )

@MadameSusu: aw thank you sweetie<3 you should join our collab!! that is if you have any free time<3 ;//v//;

MadameSusu, Jul 05 2012 06:50 pm ( Reply )

@SIDEPROJECT: I applied just a little while ago ; v ; I've never done a collab like this before so maybe I did it wrong XD

SIDEPROJECT, Jul 05 2012 06:56 pm ( Reply )

@MadameSusu: omigosh i should've checked my pm box before lololol;; you did it right can't wait to see your character sweetie<3 I'mgladwetookyourcollabvirginityxD

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